Replacing The Fresh Water Valve…part 2

I finally located the part. I went to West Marine in Point Loma and found it in the fuel section. I’m not sure why but that gave me a pretty huge thrill. Pretty sure it’s because the other 180,000 places I called and/or visited turned up nothing. I may be exaggerating that number a little… it was actually more like 9 places. šŸ˜

The fix is really easy once the part is in hand. Two bolts that hold the valve in place, 3 fittings that screw in, one for the pump, and one line per tank. I didn’t note this in the video and I probably should have, but it’s important to understand what position the lever needs to be in for the water to actually flow from one tank or the other. I made small marks on the leverĀ indicating the position of the Aft and forward tanks so that I don’t have to try to remember later on. Not a big deal, just a convenience.

Also, it’s good to be 100% sure that the tanks are empty, cause if they aren’t and the fitting is unscrewed the water will just flow right out into the boat. Common sense right? Right, unless you are me. Somewhere along the line ‘common sense’ became less common that it probably should be! I didn’t get video of that incident… šŸ™‚


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