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One of these days I’ll post a sailing adventure! For now, there are a few things that I want to take care of before I start sailing. I know that when I start, I’ll get into it and the projects I have on my list will become more wish list items than actual projects, then they will eventually fall off altogether until I ‘have’ to fix it. I know me, I have been around me a long time… most of my life actually. HAHAHA!

Today I spent the day with a bucket of bleach and a sponge. Hands and knees mopping and keeping things ship-shape. Then I  washed the exterior. It literally took me the entire day but she’s shining like new money now! Well, not new money, good and used money…actually not money or shiny, shes’s just clean.

Rubio doesn’t really like it that much when I clean like that. He generally heads for the aft-berth and curls up on the blankets. I think that’s his safe place. I had to put him up in the cockpit for a bit while I cleaned that berth. He was liking it for most of the time but then I think the sun got too hot for him cause he laid down near the companionway with his head on the threshold and just looked at me almost like “hey man, uhhhmm..i know you are busy and all but can I come in now cause this kinda sucks.” Hahaha – he cracks me up.

Finished out the day with some brats on the grill and some good old bushes baked beans. I’m tired but feel really good that Latro is spic and span now. After dinner, I spent a little time researching some data for one of my next projects.

Upholstery…I called a couple of places in the area today asking for an estimate to re-upholster the cushions in the cabin. One of them wants me to bring all of them to the store before they will give an estimate, the other one asked me to send some pics then replied with their estimate. Ready…? They quoted me 3700 dollars!!!???? I laughed cause I thought they were joking, so I sent a couple of clarifying questions and they were not joking.

So, this means I have another DIY project. I did some digging, as I mentioned, after dinner and found that I can do it myself for less than 1/4 of that cost. WITH new fabric and a custom logo (which I now have courtesy of a good friend of mine) sewn on. Stay tuned for that little project. I’m sure I’ll need some churchin’ during and after…

The logo is below (there are actually two versions) if you are interested. Thanks Megan!!! You are a rockstar!

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