Feeling dinghy

HAHAHAHA, like that’s new! I picked up a dinghy the other day for a fraction of the cost of a new one. With most ‘deals’ a little elbow grease is required to see the true benefit. So, today I washed,scrubbed and repeated until the thing was reasonably clean. Lots of work but it’s done. Now I just need a little outboard motor for it and I’m in business. 

For those wondering why a dinghy, there are some places that I plan to go (and keep it cheap!) that won’t have a dock for my sailboat. I’ll need the dinghy to get to land and back to the boat. Looking forward to the first of many of these kinds of trips! Here is the dinghy deal. 🙂 I think Rubio approves, that or he is giving me the ‘you are crazy’ look. Hahaha

Posting this from my phone. The pics are out of order. The bottom dinghy pick was how it looked before. I forgot to get a shot of the bottom after apparently. lol

Also replaced the dock lines today. New ropes make it look better and now I won’t have to worry about any of them breaking if we get more high winds. One thing at a time. 🙂 

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