Replacing the fresh water switching valve

Well, I am all moved on to the boat. I have all I need and nothing that I don’t, I think. 🙂 I am at a point now where I can start on some of the projects that need to be done. I figure I’ll tackle some of the easy stuff first. One thing that needs to be fixes is the valve that controls access to the onboard water tanks. It works but it is broken and leaking. Not a major thing but certainly something I should be able to handle!

The challenge is finding the part. I checked 9 different places today, from marine supply stores to plumbing supply. I haven’t checked the standard hardware store yet but I’ll swing through there tomorrow and see what I can find. So far, no luck with the exception of places that only sell wholesale to contractors. Since I’m not a licensed plumber or a contractor that kinda cuts those places out. Hahaha!

If nothing else, I think i have located the part I need on amazon. Once I verify its the right size then I’ll order it up and put it in. The good thing with this fix is that its a simple one, and nothing really DEPENDS on me fixing it. No pressure, the water still is contained in the tanks, and still flows out of the faucet when I need it. I do want to fix the leak though before it gets any worse. Once I have the part, I will document the replacement. Stay tuned…

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