Transition is nearly complete

Well, I have most of the things out of my apartment. Brought a few additional items to the boat and trying to make room for them. That is a challenge but it’s a fun one, for me at least. I have the apartment until the end of the month so I have the luxury of time on my side when it comes to moving things out. I should be all done by the end of the coming week, though.

Next area of focus is some of the projects that need to be done on Latro. I’ll need to get the navigation lights and the steaming light working, replace the running rigging (all the ropes for the sails), get a depth sounder and replace the compass. Beyond that, those are really all she needs. The compass will be around 100 bucks, the lines will probably be close to 500 based on the prices I am seeing online. I’m really not sure how much the depth sounder will be yet. I see lots of options so I’ll need to chat with a few seasoned sailors to get an idea of what is the most economical, yet reliable, way to go.

I mentioned a leak in the companion way in an earlier post. I think the fix for that is going to be a tarp or sunbrella canvas draped over the boom for the main sail. I’ve seen a few others in the marina doing this and it seems to be effective. I have a tarp already, so thats a free fix! 🙂

Also, doesn’t seem like I can feel good about doing a post without including my little buddy too. Thanks to Kevin Libby and his family for some nice ‘house warming’ gifts, including the sailor costume for Ruibo!

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