Rewarded with a sunset

All afternoon on Sunday, all day and most of the night on Monday it rained and was very windy. I was happy to find that there was only one leak letting some of the rain water in. The leak is in the companion way. I actually kind of expected it partly because of what I have read and partly because of how its designed. Its basically a big piece of plexiglas screwed into some wood rail sliders. They make a companion way canvas to mitigate this issue, that is on the list of things to get done.

Today it was sunny and warm, I opened all the hatches and let the breeze blow through. It was a gorgeous day. Also, the internet installer guy came out and hooked me up with some highspeed internet! I can’t believe that they can run it right to the slip, but also the signal is exceptional. I figured it would be flakey just because of the salt water and related corrosion.

Rubio and I took in the sunset tonight, seemed like a fitting reward after contending with all the wind and rain. 🙂

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