All a man needs…

“All a man needs is good rum, a good dog and a good boat” Not sure who ‘actually’ said that but I’m using it! Hahaha!

Today I  finalized the deal on the boat and took possession of it. I’ve renamed it from “Riches to Rags” to “Latro”.  Latro apparently has many, many meanings, of those meanings a few stuck out (highway robber, Bandit, Mercenary), but none of those actually suited me…at least not yet! One of the other meanings is Nomad. I chose that name for obvious reasons (for those of you that actually know me). Being this is a new chapter in my life, a new life style and something that keeps me mobile the name seemed fitting.

Tonight is the first night on Latro. I spent a couple of hours this afternoon getting familiar with all the little nooks and crannies the boat has to offer in terms of storage, tried to get a solid understanding of the breaker panel and how to check to see if the boat is leaking…or sinking. 😐 Fortunately, there are no leaks and it does not appear to be sinking, so I think we are off to a good start.

Rubio, my faithful dog, is taking his first steps onto the boat. He was literally more nervous about walking the docs at the marina than he is about being on the boat. That may chance when we take it out sailing…in any case, he’s super comfy now. I brought along his little dog bed, a couple of his toys and some treats to help him have some kind of personal connection. He seems to be doing just fine.

Rubio didn’t get any rum…he is to young.



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