RAAF Captures Flying Saucer!!!

Anyone see any aliens around here?

aliens over my shoulder

HAHAHA! πŸ˜€ I drove from Tucumcari, NM to Roswell, NM on Tuesday.


welcome to roswell

I figured this might be a fun place to stay for a couple of days so I found an RV park and setup shop. Since I was a kid I’ve been fascinated with the possibility of extraterrestrial life (I don’t have a tinfoil hat…yet) and I’ve seen many documentaries on the subject. I figured that being this close to the most well known ‘reported’ alien crash site it might be fun to stop.

The UFO museum was filled with eye witness account affidavits, old newspaper articles and pictures of the event in 1947. It was kind of neat and worth the 5 dollars to check it out. πŸ™‚

IMG_2702 IMG_2703 IMG_2710 IMG_2704


After I had my fill of one of the biggest conspiracies of all time I figured it was time to get back to reality. πŸ™‚ There is a state park near the RV park called Bottomless Lakes State Park. The lakes aren’t really bottomless; they range from 17-90 feet deep. As I understand it, back in the 1800’s when ranchers would drive cattle through this area, the park was one place they would stop to water the herd. When the cowboys would use their lariats to measure the depth, at a certain point in these lakes there are currents, the lariats would get swept aside giving the impression that there was no bottom to the lake. If I read right, thats how the place got its name. I guess there is an underground cavern system and the water flows between the lakes creating the currents.Β The lakes are actually big sink holes. It is a pretty neat place. I hiked about 3 miles while I was out there. Its so serene, and the silence is deafening. It was an interesting place to spend the day.

IMG_2718 IMG_2719 IMG_2720 IMG_2722 IMG_2715 IMG_2716

I finished my day out talking with the RV park host. He’s a biker and has some classic motorcycles. We talked bikes for an hour before he had to go and help one of the other guests at the park. The red one is a 1946 Indian Chief and the black one is a 1947. Both were in spectacular shape, dusty, but it great shape.

IMG_2724 IMG_2725


This concludes our broadcast from Roswell New Mexico… the journey continues westward!

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